No Power Washing in Medford, New Jersey


If you’re having your Medford or Medford Lakes House Power Wash your missing out on the big picture. Medford and Medford Lakes is a wonderland of picturesque natural beauty, from its amazing lakes to wooded areas, Medford is one of a kind. The Aqua Boy Power Washing Company is a local family business that has shared memories with Medford for the last 30 years. From the annual canoe festival to the Dickens Christmas parade our family has always been connected to Medford, New Jersey.

All the natural beauty comes with a price

From beautiful log cabins to amazing scenic lakes front properties Medford and Medford Lakes has it all. Unfortunately, with high trees and shaded areas algae and other forms of bacteria’s thrive on every surface. Medford residences have grown accustom to fighting Lichen, Moss and other forms of algae growths on every outside surface. Cleaning these surfaces can be challenging and costly to the Medford residences, because shaded and moist climate fight back against average Power Washing. Heavy conventional Power Washing or Pressure Washing does nothing for correcting the problem of these living growths that rob your Medford property of its beauty.

Good news for Medford!
After years of annual Power Washing and the use of heavy pressure, Soft Washing has been crafted and perfected by the Aqua Boy Power Washing Team. Simply put, Power Washing utilizes heavy pressure to blast off algae and mold, this primitive way to clean doesn’t treat algae, but Soft Washing does. Here’s how!

The Medford Soft Wash Process
Aqua Boy Soft Washing has the highest reputation within South Jersey. We have spared no expense to arrive at your Medford property with the latest Soft Wash and Power Washing equipment in the industry; coupled with the best soaps in the market. Our professional Soft Wash process can eradicate Roof algae, green house algae and many other forms of algae that can be found on your Medford residence. Soft Washing safely kills algae and other living forms at the source; which essentially disinfect the surface, something that Power Washing cannot achieve. Our Soft Wash process will last longer then Conventional Power Washing and that’s savings past onto the residence of Medford.


       Aqua Boy Power Washing has thousands of satisfied Medford customers. In fact, no other company cleans more roof and properties the Aqua Boy Power Washing. Please visit our Face Book and online reviews and you’ll discover that beyond being apart of Medford, Aqua Boy Power Washing is dedicated in providing excellent customer service and results.




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