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Aqua Boy is a family-owned business local to Medford. We’ve earned our reputation by providing the best, most affordable power washing services to Medford and Medford Lakes residents!

Aqua Boy Power Washing has the highest reviews in Medford
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Aqua Boy Power Washing is committed to the Medford community, and it shows! Just have a look at what clients and homeowners think when it comes to the best power washing in Medford!

Aqua Boy Power Washing and Roof Cleaning
More Than Just Medford Roof Cleaning Total Care Cleaning© for Your Whole Property

Don’t hire separate roof cleaners and power washers! Get your entire property cleaned with our Total Care Program. No need to call multiple companies & your whole house will thank you!

Medford Power Washing Aqua Boy Power Washing is a family-owned business local to Medford, NJ. Our methods of cleaning produce the highest results in the area guaranteed!

Experienced Power Washing

With years of experience and trained and Uniformed staff, Aqua Boy Power Washing is considered an expert exterior cleaning company.

Soft Washing Experts

Soft Washing does not utilize heavy pressure to remove algae and mold. Rather we kills algae and mold safely and effectively with Eco-Friendly detergents that are safe for the environment.

Landscaping Protection

The nature beauty of Medford Township is remarkable. Aqua Boy Power Washing takes protecting that natural environment very seriously. We ensure that plants, trees, fish and wildlife are fully protected.

Certified Roof Cleaning

Aqua Boy’s Roof Cleaning is Truly the best in the business! We offer a “5 year spot free” warranty on all our roof cleaning. We are a Low pressure / Soft Wash Certified cleaning company!

A Local Company

Aqua Boy Power Washing is located on the border of Marlton and Medford. We are a family owed that takes pride in servicing Medford and Medford Lakes year after year. We arrive with a proven track record in Medford New Jersey.

Proven Track Record

Please visit our online reviews and photos and you will discover that Aqua Boy Power Washing has more satisfied customers within Medford than our competition!

Aqua Boy Power Washing Results in Medford

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Medford residents have come to know and trust Aqua Boy Power Washing. Our Family owned business is Local to the area and has a proven track record with the Medford Community. Our family and friends are here and we are dedicated to bringing about the highest quality of workmanship coupled with outstanding customer service. That’s the Aqua Boy difference!

If you are searching for a LOCAL POWER WASHER with that neighborhood customer service then Aqua Boy Power Washing is right for you! With thousands of satisfied Medford customers, it’s no wonder why our local business has remained MEDFORD’S 1ST CHOICE for exterior cleaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions If you would like to discuss your Medford power washing or roof cleaning project with us directly, we'd love to answer any questions you might have. Give us a call at (609) 923-4700

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is an advanced cleaning technique for your Medford home. It utilizes low-pressure and optimized cleaning chemistries. Rather than ‘blasting’ the surface clean, soft washing is gentle. Since there is no damaging pressure, soft washing gently removes dirt and grime using detergents and cleaners. Soft washing is particularly effective on sensitive roof shingles, so it’s ideal or removing the black streaks and growth you see.

Why Soft Washing vs. Power Washing?

As described above, soft washing is a gentle process of cleaning using detergents. Sensitive areas such as roofs, vinyl and other construction materials used in your Medford home are great candidates. As powerwashing will use high-pressure to mechanically remove dirt, soft washing uses chemistry. Soft washing will not damage those areas and will gently remove the buildup.

Why is it Important to Clean Your Roof?

Your Medford home’s roof takes the brunt of damaging environmental elements. Sun, rain, snow and contaminants all rain down on your roof, deteriorating the components. If left unchecked, buildup and organic growth will damage the roof, diminishing it’s protective function. Cleaning it occasionally will not only restore the appearance, but will increase the lifespan. This will ultimately save you thousands in roof repairs over time.

How Long Does Roof Cleaning Last?

This really depends on where the home is located. Most Medford home are located in lush areas, which subjects them to pollen, contaminants and organic growth. It’s ideal to clean your roof at least annually, however most techniques will allow you to last several seasons. Aqua Boy Power Washing offers the only original 5 year spot-free roof guarantee in Medford, so you never have to worry!

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